Thursday, April 5, 2007

Notun Gurer Kanchagolla (Sandesh)

Note: This recipe comes again from my grandmom who is a wizard of cooking- especially sweets. Her chamchams and elojhelos are famed far and wide in her family and friend circles. I was baptized by her to enter this charming realm of Bengali sweets by a simple sandesh- Notun Gurer Kanchagolla.

(For 8 pieces of sandesh)
Milk 1 litre
Calcium lactate 2-3 tsp
Sugar 6 tsps
Patali gur- to taste.....I used a small lump like a medium sized tomato


Bring the milk to boil and as it boils take it off the flame and add the calcium lactate. The milk will coagulate to chhana (cottage cheese). Taking it off the flame ensures that the chhana is soft which is required for the sandesh.
Now seive the chhana and let it cool. Once its cooled we need to grind it well to make a very smooth even-textured paste (the texture and consistency reminded me of a thick multani mitti face pack, if you know what I'm talking about)! ;-) My grandmom used the old bengali styled sheel-nora (grindstone), but I think we can use a mixer instead- the one used for dry-grinding
Next put sugar in a kadai (pan) and melt it using a little bit of milk (just 3tbsp should be fine). Let the syrup become a little thick and sticky after which the chhana paste is added and stirred continuously. Crush and add the patali gur and stir continuously to blend it with the chhana. All this is to be done over a slow fire. Now take off the flame. Cool and make into small sandesh. You can roll the sandesh balls in khowa (dried milk powder) to keep it soft over a longer period of time in the fridge.
And again the whole process hardly took half an hour!!! I never knew sandesh is soooooooo easy! Btw, if you don't have patali gur, you can use sugar instead (but I still say nothing beats notun gurer sandesh). ;-))


Anonymous said...

Great recipe and thanks for sharing. Do you have any recipe for kada paker notun gurer sandesh ? Thx .

Sharmishtha said...

Thanks. Glad u liked it. Unfortunately this was the first and last time I attempted making that is the extent of my knowledge and recipes as far as sandesh go. :)